Why Iloilo in top selfie city ranking?


By Cha Monforte

How to explain the ranking of Iloilo surpassing Davao City? I view that the #selfie ranking via Instagram indicates levels of urbanization of Philippine cities as gauged, in this particular respect, by the people’s knowledge on net technology as supported by their economic means to acquire and adopt what’s the latest in technology such as the Android’s mobile.


Iloilo City

Since it’s Instagram and the hashtag #selfie that was used in Time’s ranking, Iloilo’s ranking in higher notches compared to Davao City suggests a cultural force at play in people’s posting of selfie-tagged photos. Instagram isn’t yet so massively popular as FB in the country though it is popular among the sleek middle class.

There’s no debate on the higher level of urban sophistication of Makati, Cebu, and Baguio compared to Davao City, that is situated in historically neglected Mindanao. Davao City is more urbanized than Iloilo City based on the urban characteristics of their respective central business districts (CBD).
Iloilo’s ranking just suggests that in terms of Internet technological trend adoption the city’s Ilonggo middle class shows to be faster in adopting, more competitive, and most especially prouder to engage their collective selves in the digital world.
It was successful and peaceful 77th Araw ng Davao celebration. In the 70s I recalled being brought by my late mom every Araw ng Davao. We traveled whole day on the rugged road riding the CBC bus, and traversing the risky, slippery zigzag dirt road by the Mawab cliff. It was during the great moments of Marcos as a popular leader. I can still recall the large PH flags and balloons flying at the PTA grounds with the oversized photos of Marcos and Imelda at the background. It was jolly moment. I can recall also a bit on Marcos bio film “Iginuhit ng Tadhana” being shown at the PTA grounds where the Araw ng Davao big celebration was held. After the Araw, my dear mom brought his children to frolic in the Summer Land pools, or play and dine at D’ Garden. There were yet too few great places to enjoy in the 70s in Davao City, very much unlike now in the city’s modern era of malls, hotels, condos, restos and pubs the people with long pockets can choose from where to frolic and enjoy. (@ruralurbanews)

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